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1, Why bamboo?
Bamboo is grass. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Every year the parent bamboo plant makes several new stems. Each stem could gain the necessary hardness upon maturity. Without decreasing the size of the forest, the 5-year old bamboo would be harvested every year. You could get more information under Bamboo.

2, What does 'Carbonized' mean?
Carbonization is a process step, during which high pressure and high temperature steam are introduced to have the color the bamboo changed. After this, a brown coffee color would come into being. So, we also call it 'coffee color' or 'caramel'. The longer it is heated, the darker the bamboo become.

3. What is horizontal and vertical?

products are made from small bamboo strips. For example, strip in 1000x20x5mm (L x W x T), if we assembly 10pcs such strips against each other horizontally. There would be a board of 1000x200x5mm. We call this horizontal pattern, which would show 'open' (quiet visible) bamboo knots.
If we assembly these 4pcs strips against each other vertically, There would be a board of 1000x50x20mm. We call this vertical pattern, which would show less visible bamboo knots.


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